Nude Pink
Nude Pink
Nude Pink
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Nude Pink

alice and bella

Nude Pink

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"Pink Nude is the type of manicure that works very well with any outfit and any occasion. It makes my nails look polished and professional. It's my favourite go-to shade." - Tara


How to apply & remove Alice & Bella semi-cured gel nail wraps

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Here is our short video tutorial & below are detailed step by step instructions.

  How to Apply Semi-Cured Gel Nail Wraps. Learn in 5 Minutes - Easy Tutorial


How to apply semi-cured gel nail wraps Alice & Bella


How to apply & remove semi-cured gel nail wraps strips UV stickers
How to apply & remove semi-cured gel nail wraps strips UV stickers
How to apply & remove semi-cured gel nail wraps strips UV stickers
<img src="" alt="How to apply and remove semi-cured gel nail wraps strips UV stickers

 Watch a quick video tutorial on how to best remove fully cured gels off your nails. Tip - no acetone is required ;)


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Introducing Our Elegant Nude Pink Manicure. This color is inspired by a popular & no longer available Burberry Pink Nude nail polish.  

Our goal is to offer you a timeless and versatile nail color that effortlessly complements any look, from casual to chic.

Why Choose Our Nude Pink Manicure?

1. **Full Coverage, Effortless Elegance:** Achieve a flawless, full-coverage look with our Nude Pink Manicure. It will work equally well for someone with nails that are recovering from using nail-damaging nail products & for someone who has healthy nails 

2. **Versatile Elegance:** Whether you're heading to a social gathering or a professional setting, this nude pink shade effortlessly transitions between occasions, making it the perfect accessory for any outfit.

3. **Long-Lasting Beauty:** Say goodbye to frequent touch-ups! Our manicure is formulated for durability, ensuring your nails stay vibrant and beautiful for an extended period.

4. **Quick and Easy Application:** No need to spend hours perfecting your nails. Our Nude Pink Manicure is easy-to-use apply, allowing you to achieve salon-quality results at home.

🎀 **The Gift of Self-Care:**

Indulge in a moment of self-care as you pamper yourself with our Nude Pink Manicure. Treat your nails to a touch of luxury, and let the world see your refined, natural beauty.

🌿 **Quality You Can Trust:**

We take pride in delivering high-quality products that prioritize both your style and nail health. Our Nude Pink Manicure is free from harmful chemicals, ensuring your nails stay strong and beautiful.

✨ **Order Now and Embrace Timeless Beauty:**

Because beauty should be effortless.

Benefits of using semi-cured gel nail wraps and numerous How to apply semi-cured gel nail wraps? In three easy steps

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