Are Nail Wraps, Stickers or Strips Bad for Your Nails?


The popularity of nail strips, wraps, and stickers has soared in recent years as people seek convenient and affordable alternatives to traditional nail salon visits. However, concerns about their potential harm to nail health have also surfaced. In this article, we aim to provide clarity and answer the question: Are nail strips, wraps, or stickers bad for your nails? Let's delve into the subject and separate fact from fiction.

What is semi-cured gel?

Semi-cured gel is an innovative formulation used in nail wraps, strips or UV stickers. Unlike regular gel, semi-cured gel undergoes a partial curing process, resulting in a flexible and easy-to-apply product. During production, the gel and pigments are encapsulated within layers of plastic, ensuring the highest quality materials come into contact with the nail plates. Alice & Bella Gentle Gel™ nail strips are meticulously crafted from premium food-grade and medical-grade materials. The semi-cured Gentle Gel™ offers the advantages of a gel manicure, including long-lasting wear and a glossy finish, while maintaining a lightweight and comfortable feel on the nails. Instead of using gel, semi-cured gel nail strips or wraps are adhered to the nails using a specially formulated adhesive. This innovative approach allows for a hassle-free application process while maintaining the stunning results of a gel manicure.

Understanding the Adhesive Factor:

The adhesive used in nail strips, wraps, or stickers plays a crucial role in determining their impact on nail health. Some products rely on strong adhesives that can be damaging to the nails, requiring the use of acetone or other harsh chemicals during application and removal. However, it is important to note that not all nail strips, wraps, or stickers are created equal.

Introducing Alice & Bella Gentle Gel™ for your nails: A Holistic Approach to Nail Care:

Alice & Bella Beauty Company offers a revolutionary approach to nail wraps, created by a holistic practitioner with a personal mission to develop a nail product that is both gentle & beautiful. Our Gentle Gel™ nail strips are meticulously crafted with the utmost consideration for the wellness of your nails and comprise non-damaging adhesive formulations.

The Benefits of Alice & Bella Nail Wraps:

  1. Convenient Application and Removal: Applying Alice & Bella nail wraps is a hassle-free process that requires no special equipment or professional assistance. Likewise, their removal is quick and easy, without the need for harsh chemicals or prolonged soaking in acetone.

  2. Nurturing Nail Protection: Our Gentle Gel™ nail strips act as a protective layer, shielding your nails from external factors that can lead to brittleness, breakage, and dryness. This added protection helps maintain the overall health and strength of your nails.
  3. Diverse Designs: Alice & Bella created a wide array of stunning designs to cater to various styles and preferences. Whether you prefer elegant and understated or bold and vibrant, our collection ensures there is a design to suit every individual's taste.

  4. Non-Damaging Adhesive: Alice & Bella nail wraps utilize an adhesive that is designed to be gentle on your nails. This means they can be applied and removed without causing significant harm or weakening to the nail bed.
  5. Premium Ingredients: We take pride in using only food-grade and medical-grade materials that come into contact with the nail plate. This commitment to quality ensures that your nails are exposed to safe and non-toxic substances during the application and wear of Alice & Bella nail wraps.


So, are nail strips, wraps, or UV stickers bad for your nails? The answer lies in the choice of product. While some nail strips on the market may have potential drawbacks, Alice & Bella Beauty Company offers a holistic solution to your DIY nail care. Our non-damaging adhesive, convenient application and removal process, nail protection, diverse designs, and premium ingredients set us apart in the industry.

Embrace the convenience, creativity, and nail-friendly nature of our products. Experience the transformative power of Gentle Gel™ nail strips that prioritize your well-being. Trust in Alice & Bella Beauty Company to provide you with a delightful nail care experience that nurtures and enhances your natural nails beauty.